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Earth Wound, by Harry Martin & Zac Pomphrey



Earth WoundHarry Martin & Zac Pomphrey
00:00 / 04:43
Soothsaying IIHarry Martin & Zac Pomphrey
00:00 / 05:08

A collection of tracks edited from several improvised sessions, in the heart of Nottingham City centre. Often playing for 40-60 minutes, these are moments in which the tensions between extreme noise and rich harmonies were held in balance or pushed to their limits. Listen to the full album & purchase on Bandcamp

Released March 2, 2023

Harry: Guitar and Vocals
Zac: Synthesizer, Effects, No-input Mixer+ Vocals

Mixed & Mastered by Zac Pomphrey

Artwork by Harry Martin

The drifting soundscapes played here are by Ninepines (bandcamp | facebook), a collective whose sounds often permeate the exhibition spaces of the visual work or, as in the case of the third video, are an improvised performance on the opening night of exhibitions. They expand upon the strange, shifting depths present in the visual work. The visuals are all made by video artist and illustrator Gabriela Rogula (facebook | instagram).

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