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Malachite Mouth is a sprawling practice that spans drawing, sculpture, performance, installation and poetry to conjure engulfing realms that evoke the fecundity of marshland, the dappled light-and-dark of the heart’s journey, and the alluring glimmer of the fantastical. Microphone cables snake their way through cascades of naturally dyed fabric and sheafs of flax. Portraits of past lovers and Grindr profile pictures jostle and hum against whimsical bubble writing and medieval marginalia. Choral harmonies are obliterated through distortion-drenched feedback. Symbols uncovered through an inner archaeology are activated through ceremony and performance, and open doorways to step through into a vaster self.

The practice delves into experiencing the body as the land; the land as the body. And all it contains - verdance, unfathomable connectivity; bomb shrapnel, cyanide leakages. Permaculture community gardening allows us to delve into the interdependence of ecosystems and we also use this as a framework of being in order to better hold space for people on a journey towards flourishing, by accessing an inner mythology and personal sovereignty through creative process and connection to the natural world.


Milly Melbourne
Val Turton
Chaos Magic
Shivani Khoshia
Layan Harman
The Field


And many more.
GrowinAg Forward

And many more.

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Scan (3)_edited_edited.png
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