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Touching Ground was a year-long series of gatherings in community gardens in Nottingham from 2022-2023, including 326 Artspace, The Curious Tower and Windmill Community Gardens. A collaboration with Chaos Magic, 326 Artspace and Fourthland. We explored our inner symbolism as it related to these spaces and the wheel of the seasons, growing collaborative sculptures together throughout the year that we then used as ceremonial objects in a public performance-ritual at St Mary's Rest Gardens next to the Curious Tower. 

Here is a poem written after the performance:

   capricorn comet of                  every voice of god                   waiting

                  weird chorus wets the air

                                                   gathering are we

                                                             around she

                                                                                  (the rock)


rope                 cloth                        hand to unspoken     hand

        speaking             now                    circular                    molecular




                                     I love

                                     I protect                                                 I hurt

                                     I strengthen

                                     I rot

                                     I love                                   I want

                                     I protect                                                       I waver

                                     I strengthen

                                     I rot                                         I laugh


I burst open                after the linking             after my arms bear flowers

     after the circle hazes        and unctuates                and waywards


          the curved knoll             holds my cries

                            I gave it everything

                  and received it in kind                               in kindness


my friend enfolds me

           and rubs my chest         like she would a baby



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